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Funeral Flowers: Types of flowers to express your sympathy
02 Jul

Funeral Flowers: Types of flowers to express your sympathy

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When choosing the right words to express your sympathy can be challenging, sending a flower bouquet for a funeral is a genuine way express your condolences. Losing a loved one can be the most difficult and stressful time a person may face. In these situations, funerals help with the grieving process and provide a support system for the living. A funeral service can also bring people together and remember the precious memories of the person who died. In some ceremonies, white flowers can symbolize sympathy while red can be viewed as bad etiquette.

These are the things you have to consider so if you are not sure on what appropriate flowers to send, it is very helpful to know the types of flowers and their meanings found in funeral flower arrangements.


This very fragrant flower is familiar to every occasion because of its countless meanings. It symbolizes love, passion, virtue, innocence and purity which makes it the most popular flower in funerals, as it represent the soul of the departed that has achieved peace after death. Madonna lilies are associated with Virgin Mary by Christians as a symbol of virginity and purity. In Greek and Roman Mythology, the lily represents the Greek Goddess Hera, the Queen of Heaven. Some popular flower lilies are calla lily, casa blanca lily and stargazer lily.

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Flower Delivery Philippines Rose Funeral Flowers

Roses are very common in funerals. This traditional flower in pink often convey love and passion, but choosing red roses can also be associated with grief and sorrow. Furthermore, white roses can represent purity and gratitude while yellow roses can show a close relationship and commitment, which can be the best way to show your appreciation to the person who passed.


As a distinguished ancient flower, Christians believed that carnations came from Mary’s tears as she watched Jesus carry the cross. The flowers are commonly seen on funeral wreaths and standees . Like other sympathy and funeral flowers, carnations can signify different meaning depending on its color. While red carnations convey longing and affection, white carnations signify healing and strength, and pink carnations show love and gratitude.

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Chrysanthemums or “mums”

Flower Delivery Philippines Chrysanthemum Funeral Flowers

Originally from China, Chrysanthemum flowers became popular around the world and used in various traditions. It is traditionally used as offerings in Asia as it’s a symbol of loss and mourning over the departure of a loved one. Meanwhile, they are found in memorials, grave sites and funerals in other Western countries as a symbol of death.


Orchids have this sophisticated presence that catches everyone’s attention. This flower is a great choice if you are looking for a long-lasting flower to show your sympathy. Because of its captivating appearance, it is often seen in funerals to show your endless love as it will continue to blossom for a longer time than any types of flowers. More than that, the diversity of these orchid plant can symbolize different meanings, so our florists recommend only adding white and pink orchids in funeral arrangements.

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We here at Flowerdelivery.ph, offer great flower arrangements for anniversaries, special events like store opening, inauguration, and funeral arrangements. We have a large selection of funeral flower arrangements you can choose from. Enhancing the flowers through the artistic touch of our florists brings out the beauty to our different flower arrangements.

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