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Gifts for your girlfriend in the Philippines
06 Aug

Gifts for your girlfriend in the Philippines

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Flowers might not be the most practical way of showing how much you care for your girlfriend or significant other, but it certainly is the best way of letting them know that you are not just some random person in their life. Having flowers as gifts start to not become impractical when you think about how special your girlfriend or significant other is.  Sending flowers might be hard for some people as there are so many types of beautiful flowers to choose from. Some flowers, even though they look great, might not even be appropriate to give to your girlfriend as a gift. There are also some flowers that are best given romantically and also some flowers that are made to be given platonically. As flower experts in the Philippines we have made a guide for gifts for you girlfriend or significant other in the Philippines.

Make sure to choose flowers that survive the tropical weather

Flowers like lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums and anthurium are some of the flowers that you could get for a flower bouquet or arrangement when sending flowers here in the Philippines as the country resides in the tropics. Weather here can range from harsh heat to high winds and is very unpredictable.

Lilies are available in various sizes and colors and are always available and fresh all year round which makes it a great go-to flower gift. The only downside for lilies is that it is not as rich and lush as other flower stocks out there.

Orchids on the other hand are tropical flowers that can withstand harsh conditions and is very durable. Although it does not give more choices from lilies, orchids are better for when you want the flower to be as fresh as possible on a very unpredictable weather.

                Choose an appropriate flower for your girlfriend

Red Roses for your girlfriend is a very romantic and sweet gesture when you want to make her feel special, but when you give her a gorgeous bouquet of white flowers – perfect for a wedding or an engagement - it might give the wrong impression and you get yourself stuck in the mess where your girlfriend thought about something more to it, unless that’s what you planned – am I right? Colors and the type of flower is important to give the right impression for that someone you are going to give it to.

For giving flowers to your significant other on an anniversary, a bouquet of red or pink rose is an ageless expression for love. However if you are only sending flowers on a special occasion for the both of you it might come off as lazy thinking and / or uncreative. Send something else with your bouquet especially when the day is not just any other day – be it Jewelry, stuffed toy, or romantic dinner for two.

For giving flowers to your significant other on her birthday, go for yellow roses instead or some color that does not symbolize anything significant but still of great value. Choose flowers that have no obvious connotations but still has that low-key hint of something you would want to portray towards your girlfriend.

Make it personal towards your girlfriend and / or your relationship together

From her favourite color or, if you’re lucky, their favourite flowers – ask her beforehand. These are just some of the things that would really help you out in choosing the best flowers for your girlfriend. Everyone has things that they hold dearly and special to them, what you need to do – if you are really someone who is caring – is to know what those are. Although this tip might just be optional for those boyfriends who are just looking for mundane gifts but for those boyfriends who would really want to make their girlfriend feel really special then this is a must, sacrilegious even.

It doesn’t hurt to give lavender roses to your girlfriend if they’re favourite color is yellow but wouldn’t it be more perfect if they’d receive something of accordance? You have a wide variety of color flowers to choose from. Combine this tip whilst choosing the right type of flower for a person then you have yourself something viable and specific.

The way you present the bouquet also adds extra points of care from you to someone

Although it is not wrong to deliver your roses, especially if time isn’t one of your greatest suit, wouldn’t it be great if you were the one to give it to them personally? It makes it feel more special when someone that’s of significance to the receiver will be the one to deliver it. Let us say that there is a very low possibility for you to deliver it yourself, but if it is being delivered make sure that how they deliver it does not mess up the receiver’s birthday celebration. The last thing you would want to happen on your girlfriend’s day is something not going as planned.

These are just some of the guides that we have come up for the guys out there for their girlfriends. This may or may not work depending on the situation the both of you are in but whatever the circumstance is no one can argue that flowers are the best gift for your special someone whether you both had an argument or for when you have something to celebrate. Flowers are the most thoughtful and very distinct gift to give to your girlfriend. What is stopping you from ordering one?

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