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Romantic Long-Distance Relationship Gifts Ideas
20 Jun

Romantic Long-Distance Relationship Gifts Ideas

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Long distance relationships have their ups and downs. It can be tough and might require extra effort to keep the love alive and strong. "Distance is just a test of how far love can travel", and with today's technology it's easier to find ways to make the relationship work and keep it special.

Whether you have a partner living on the other side of the world or a few hours away, here's some ideas on ways to show and express your love to your long-distance relationship partner!

1. Spend quality time.

Communication is important in all relationships! Make time to call, text and take pictures to update them with everything that's going on. Don’t forget to greet them with a good morning when you wake up. A random text about how you’re thinking of them during a busy day works too! The "I love you" and "I miss you" never gets old. Compromise. LDR's are full of compromises. Set a schedule that works best for both of you if you have different time zones.

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2. Set a Virtual Date.

Watch a movie or series that you like together. You can use streaming sites like Youtube or Netflix and watch it at the same time! You can also play video games while talking at the same. You can be allies or opponents in the game. Celebrate anniversaries and special milestones in the relationship with a video chat, pizza and if you're feeling fancy, a candlelit dinner decorated with red roses to set the mood.

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3. Surprise, surprise.

Thanks to the internet, you can shower your SO with personalized gifts with a click of a button.

1. For starters, you can send him/her the usual chocolates and teddy bears combo.

2. You can also buy a cake with a sweet message, for occasions like their Birthday and Valentine’s Day.

3. To make sure that they can reply to your texts or chats, surprise them with a new headset with a better microphone, a new smartphone or a tablet!

4. Did they mention anything they needed for work or at home? No matter how big or small, this simple gesture will be memorable for them. Send them a small token for something they are passionate with. If you're a gamer, nothing beats receiving a gift card or a recently released game. If you are a makeup enthusiast, then getting a new beauty product delivered at your door is heaven-sent.

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These are just some of the personalized gifts that you send to make your partner and loved one feel extra special. Sometimes they don’t need anything fancy or grand, those little gestures you make would already make them feel loved and appreciated. It is not about the material things that count but the things you do for them. Material things would just be a reminder for them to know how much you love them.

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