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Roses have Stories: The Passionate Storyteller
03 Apr

Roses have Stories: The Passionate Storyteller

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Did you ever think about the hidden definition of the dozen and countless amounts of Roses you give, or receive, to and / or from your loved ones? Roses are the internationally renowned symbol of love and beauty, may it be love for a person, an inanimate object, or even love for the environment. They serve a purpose to show love and affection, and to also return the endearment. Why is it that from all the flowers in the world, Roses became the well-known flower for any occasion?

Roses has been around for a long time now and has since then grown its range of species. Before, during the roman period, roses were used for confetti’s in celebrations, herbal medicine, and also as an extract for perfumes. It took a while for the Rose to start having symbolism, and it was not the kind of symbolism for love and beauty.

During the fifteenth century, when war and factions are in an uprising. Roses were used as symbols for the factions inside the country of England, these factions were fighting to take control of the country of England. This war was known as the “War of the Roses”, the White Rose symbolized York and the Red Rose symbolized the Lancaster.

Roses had a very long and blooming history, and it was not until the late eighteenth century that roses were introduced globally, from Europe to China. This is where Roses started to become cultivated and modern day roses can be traced back to its origin and heredity from here. When it became globally available, breeding work and various gardening methods started to pop up. Unlike its very long history of unusual proportions, Roses has now become abundant and is very high in demand.

This has set the stage for breeding work, which made the roses’ large range of species even greater. Gardeners and Hybridizers started work on breeding work with native roses and adapting them for a long bloom season. Various breeds of Roses started to pop up in China, Roses in Europe focused on its bud and made it puffier and more elegant.

Nowadays, Roses have acquired roughly 150 species of different colors and shapes. If you want to give the right colors of Roses for your loved ones, here are some list that will give you the idea on how to express the right thought through sending a bouquet of Roses.

Red Roses traditionally symbolizes love, affection, romance and will always send message of “I Love You” once given. If you are preparing for a date or just want to express your deep respect to your significant other, consider to give a bouquet of this flower. Red roses show intimacy with every petal and with every smell of its fragrance.

White Roses or flowers are usually associated with new beginnings like wedding. White roses symbolizes purity, innocence and charms. White roses also convey sympathy and humility towards someone who have lost their loved ones and also characteristics of spirituality.

Yellow Roses has one of the cheerful and gleeful colors of Rose. Yellow has been generally associated with the sun, which makes this rose great for cheering up your loved ones. This color of rose sends a tone of appreciation and platonic love, send flowers to your loved ones without any romantic subplot unlike other colors of rose. Make them feel the presence of joy and delight.

Pink Roses often signify gratitude and admiration. Darker tones of pink roses give out the notion of grace and elegance, poetic romance and traditional appreciation is the best undertone for darker pink roses. Lighter pink roses are best known for gentle admiration for people, whether it be platonic or poetic. These lighter tone of pink roses show sympathy and compassion, give these light pink roses to people you want to show you are inclined to support and be loyal.

Orange Roses can be used to express warmth and enthusiasm. Show your excitement and passion with this fiery rose. This type of Rose might not have the intimate undertone just like the Red Rose, but this rose shows your great desire and passion – whether it be romantic or platonic, you can never be wrong with this rose.

Lavender Roses convey enchantment and majesty. Let your loved ones feel royalty and great splendour by giving them a bouquet of Lavender Roses. Different shades of lavender roses offer different levels of royalty, deeper tones leave a message of great and noble presence while lighter tones of lavender give out the notion of elegant royalty.

Blue Roses could not be naturally achieved, which makes it great for representing the unattainable. This color of rose is elusive and is difficult to find, having to find one is a great privilege. Blue Roses embody the desire for the implausible and the impossible. This is the perfect color of roses for a secret admirer.

Choosing the right color for the right emotions is better than blindly picking a rose for your loved ones. Combine these different colors of roses with other kinds of flowers and you now have a great flower bouquet arrangement. You can also try to combine different colors of roses to convey different meaning from various colors of Roses – like White and Red Roses which shows the purity of intimacy for your significant other.

We here at Flowerdelivery.ph, offer great flower arrangements for anniversaries, special events like store opening, inauguration, and funeral arrangements. Enhancing the flowers through the artistic touch of our florists brings out the beauty to our different flower arrangements.

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