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5 Tips for Sending Birthday Flowers to Philippines
06 Aug

5 Tips for Sending Birthday Flowers to Philippines

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When you know someone who has a birthday coming up, you must be wondering what to give as a present and how to make their special day memorable. Celebrating family friends or colleagues' birthday gives us a chance to reminisce the months and years of valuable relationships. It is also a great time to show how much you cherish your times together and are grateful for their company.

Whether you can be with them on their day or not, you can always send a well-chosen bouquet of birthday flowers to make a perfect impression. Flowers convey happiness and positivity, making them the ideal birthday gift.

Here are our top 5 tips for sending birthday flowers to the Philippines:

1. Make it personal

Everyone wants to send a gift that is accepted and well-appreciated. Make sure that the birthday flowers are carefully chosen based on their personality. Take the time to remember the details about them. Think about the color they like or if they mentioned a favorite flower. Make a list of the things that describes them. You could also search for the different types of flowers and their meanings. It adds a personal touch to your gift.

2. Order ahead of time

You don't want to miss their birthday by placing your orders late. Think ahead and choose the date you want your flowers to arrive. By being organized and purchasing gifts or flowers in advance, you never have to worry about missing an important date of a loved one. It's a great feeling when everything has been taken care of, and you won't have to rush and panic about the recipient getting your gifts on time. Make sure to have the correct date so you can avoid any problems.

3. Get creative and fun

Flowers are perfect for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, or celebration, but you can also partner it up with a cake, bear, balloons or chocolates. They will appreciate the gesture of receiving a gift that engages each sense. Send the best birthday gift by giving a combination of a bouquet of beautiful mixed colorful flowers, a delicious treat of chocolates, and cute, huggable, fluffy teddy bears.

Flower Delivery Philippines 1 Dozen Red Roses with Bear and 24 pcs. Ferrero

4. Make sure to add a heartfelt note

Being connected in today’s world revolves around the internet, smartphones, and social media. Be authentic by adding a small personalized, handwritten note. It is a meaningful way of expressing your gratitude and friendship. Adding a short message can be a special gift to someone who is needing a break in this busy world.

5. Search for a trusted store

It is best to compare different flower shops and stores to choose what suits your needs, in terms of delivery and products. It is crucial to be extra careful when purchasing anything online. Make sure that you are well aware of the delivery areas, delivery fees and the terms and conditions that come along with it. Read testimonials or ask around to make sure that the company is trusted and reliable.

Birthday gift ideas can be as simple as a quick letter, bold and dramatic, or something in between; as long as it makes a person remember and appreciate you for it.

Tell someone they are truly special by choosing from a variety of birthday flowers from our products. We here at Flowerdelivery.ph, offer great flower arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, special events like store opening, inauguration, and funeral arrangements. Enhancing the flowers through the artistic touch of our florists brings out the beauty of our different flower arrangements.

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1 Dozen Red and White Roses with Bear and Alfredo Almond Milk Chocolate


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