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How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer: A Quick Read
01 Apr

How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer: A Quick Read

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Flowers are ideal as a gift for any occasion. You can cheer your friend or you can make the day of your friend, relatives, and even your special someone by sending flowers personally or through flower delivery. Whether you receive the bouquet of cut flowers for an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding, mother's day or just as a simple gift, you would want your cut flowers to last as longer as much as possible.

The hard-to-swallow truth is that cut flowers aren’t really imperishable, but there are many ways to make it last longer than usual. Here are some very well-known tips to ensure the longevity and persistence of your cut flowers:

Tip #1: Prepare a container or vase – which has a large opening - to where you want to put your cut flowers. Make sure to clean the vase to remove traces of dust and / or algae. Do not dry the vase with a towel and let it naturally dry while laying it upside down - this makes it so that it is made sure no bacteria is introduced inside the vase. Doing this won’t just make your flowers look aesthetically pleasing but also gives it somewhere to stand on. Leaving the stem of a cut flower exposed could mean less nutrients for the cut flower itself.

Tip #2: Make sure to put – and regularly replace - warm water in the container or vase rather than the misunderstood conception of cold water in a vase. Warm or Hot water moves faster through the stems - which makes sucking up nutrients easier for the cut flower – and keeps the cut flower moisturized – because the air is cooler than the cut flower itself. But there is an exception, Bulb Cut Flowers are best placed in cold water because hot or warm water can damage the bulb of the plant – bulb cut flowers depend on their bulb for nutrients and it makes them have longer lifespan if kept.

Tip #3: You can also leave your cut flower in a fridge overnight to moisten up the flowers. When a flower is cut from its roots, the flower begins to wilt because it stops receiving sugar from its roots. While there is no substitute to natural sugar that flows through the stem of the flower, adding sugar to the water where the flower is would make its life longer.

Tip #4: Before cutting the stem of flowers make sure to hydrate the flowers for a couple of hours to absorb the moisture that was lost. Doing so will lessen the damage of the cut to your flower. Hydrating the flower before you cut it give you ample amount of time to place it in a vase or container, without losing much of the moisture in the cut flower itself.

Tip #5: Cut the stems – at an angle, roughly, about 45 degrees- daily to make sure that there is enough water to condition the flowers. Do not cut them too long or your cut flowers would not have as much support in the vase or container, but cut them too short and you would have wasted your time in conditioning your flowers.

Tip #6: Remember to also remove the leaves below the water level to avoid leaves rotting which will affect the water. Rotten leaves in the water will pollute it lessening the already limited amount of nutrients the cut flower receives from the water.

Tip #7: Keep your flowers in a cool and damp area. Do not place your cut flower in direct sunlight to avoid dehydration. This is the reason why containers or vases are important as to give it the necessary preservation. Keeping your flowers chilled and cool is the best way to make it last longer. The longer the flower is refreshed the longer your cut flower will last.

There are cut flowers which has naturally longer lifespan than most flowers, these flowers does not need much attention to keep its daintiness. Some cut flowers can live a long life independently and some just needs the right amount of light and water. There are also cut flowers in which it naturally has a very short and brief lifespan, which ranges from a week or two. Keeping these kinds of flowers last longer would most probably be a waste of time as it normally does not live long – unlike most cut flowers – but it does not hurt to keep them alive as much as possible.

These tips apply to most cut-flowers but there are flowers that are quite unique in one way or another when it comes to keeping them alive before and after cutting them out from their roots.

Tulips, however, still grow an ample amount of length even after cutting them out and they will continue to grow – as a normal flower – towards the nearest light source. Another one are Hyacinths which should never be cut down from the bulb, if not cut from its bulb it actually lasts longer than when you leave the bulb out. Lastly, a very big part in flower arrangement and keeping your flowers alive, Daffodils should not be placed with any other flowers in a vase. Daffodils secrete alkaloids that are poisonous to other flowers. These alkaloids cause flowers to wither and die, but there are flowers that has high tolerance or little to no tolerance to its alkaloid poisons like Irises, which benefits from the Daffodil’s alkaloid substances.

Making your cut flower live longer than what it’s expected to be might seem impractical, at first, but when you look at it figuratively, people cherish these kinds of gifts in one way or another. It’s not like every day you get to receive beautiful flowers from people that is a big part of your life.

We here at Flowerdelivery.ph, offer great flower arrangements for anniversaries, special events like store opening, inauguration, and funeral arrangements. Enhancing the flowers through the artistic touch of our florists brings out the beauty to our different flower arrangements.

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