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The Big Family of Orchids: Grow yours at Home
08 Apr

The Big Family of Orchids: Grow yours at Home

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Orchids was once thought to be one of the most strenuous and complicated flower to grow without any floral experience. But that was before, nowadays people have seen the different kinds of orchids in the Orchidaceae Family – which are “diverse and widespread family of flowers with blooms that are often colourful and fragrant” says Wikipedia. This family of flowers is one of the largest of all the other flowering plant families. Because of how Orchids grow, some of them produce offshoots called “keiki”, these offshoots are basically smaller individual plants that grow alongside the parent plant and can be cut off of the parent plant for it to grow independently.

Orchids, as of the moment, does not have an exact number on how many species it has that is existent in the floral community because of how capable these flowers are, they are continually in flux.

There are two kinds of growing patterns for Orchids which are Monopodial and Sympodial. Orchids have flimsy stems and they do not have very durable stem structure that is why some of the species of this flowering plant developed new ways to grow.

Monopodial Orchids grow from a single bud and a single stem that grows longer the more the plant ages, leaves are then added yearly from the apex of the bud. This kind of growing pattern for Orchids grows a big flock of leaves around the stem for it to have a durable stand.

Sympodial Orchids, on the other hand, grows horizontally. It has a front flower and a back – the front flower being the newest growth, while the back flowers are the old ones. This growth pattern follows its surface laterally rather than the Monopodial which grows vertically. Offshoots grow, bloom and then stop and are replaced by newer offshoots. When Orchids have this kind of growth pattern it seems like the orchid is crawling across the surface as it continues to grow and grow, producing offshoots from older offshoots.

Orchid Plants are great to be placed at home because of how long these flowers last and how vibrant the blooms are for these family of flowering plants. It is not hard to find Orchid buds, but it may be hard to find the specific orchid bud you want. Although, the most vibrant and lush flowers bloom in the cold areas, there are also orchid plants that grow and thrive in tropical places – they may not produce vibrant petals but they produce bushy leaves and offshoots.

“The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength.” – Teleflora, Meaning & Symbolism of the Orchid

Growing your own orchid is not as meticulous as before, because of the vast amount of orchid species – you could easily pick an easy growing orchid plant. Other kinds of flowers and some species of orchids have the same way of taking care of them, regular watering and soil mix repot if necessary.

There is only one thing that’s very different that makes orchids a bit harder to take care than most flowers, they grow fast. The Orchid stem may not be the fastest to grow but the offshoots that these orchids produce grow faster than most independent flowers. It is your choice if you wish to also take care of the offshoots as it can be cut from the parent orchid and raise it as another independent orchid flower.

When it comes to lighting conditions, specific type of orchids require different intensities of light. North or East facing windows require moderate to low lighting conditions – “If you hold your hand over the plant and it doesn’t cast a shadow, you’ve got low light.” says FlowerMag. Orchid Flowers that require low light are moth (Phalaenopsis), slipper (Paphiopedilums), and pansy (Miltoniopsis) orchids which grow well in the eastern hemisphere. Meanwhile, the West with south-facing windows require medium to high light intensity. These type of Orchids thrives in the direct ray of sunshine and will grow more lush and blooming than when it is tucked inside your house. Orchid types that works well in direct sunlight are dancing ladies (Dendrobriums), oncidiums, and corsage orchids.

When watering orchids remember to not drown your orchids, most of the species of orchids do not require much water because they thrive more in sunlight nutrients rather than its soil. You do not have to regularly water your orchid plants – orchids are light feeders as mentioned before – so weekly watering and soil mix repots are already plenty. Check the color of the petals to make sure you are giving just the right amount of nutrients to your orchid plant – the color changes when it is dry.

When it comes to flower arrangements, orchids work well with exotic and tropical flowers, pair them with other non-native flowers. Flowers with bright and colourful vibrant petals gives the flower arrangement that great balance of eye-candy. Depending on the occasion, orchids sometimes pair well with Roses and Carnations – in most cases when the occasion is a formal event, white orchids, roses, and carnations do great. Choosing between colors of orchids will be hard when arranging flowers because of the great variety of hues from all species of orchids.

It verily depends on your creativity on how you will incorporate the orchids on your flower arrangements because of how many your choices will be when it comes to orchids, whether it be a formal or informal event, orchids are a go to flower arrangement beautifier.

We here at Flowerdelivery.ph, offer great flower arrangements for anniversaries, special events like store opening, inauguration, and funeral arrangements. Enhancing the flowers through the artistic touch of our florists brings out the beauty to our different flower arrangements.

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